Well my life sucks about right now...... My boyfriend of 3 years and the father of my son broke up with me last Saturday..... Its very hard on me because he was the first one that i made love with and i thought that we would be with each other forever but i don't know crying I just wish that i could have kept him because now i feel like i don't want to be by myself 

But I do know that if we don't get back with each other I will be the best mom for my son and the best father 2 moms rock

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Aug. 28, 2011 at 6:10 PM

sorry to hear that they will be better day girly u just take care of your son maybe some day u guys will go back toghter it take me and my hubby year to get back toghter just hang in there girly well talk to u soon i hope !!!boy kissing mom

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