cornucopiaHope everyone's Thanksgiving gathering, no matter who you are with or where you are, is a nice one.

Today, it is raining and ugly here in PA.  :0(

The girls are both home for college and truly enjoying just being home with each other... they were up after I went to bed for a bit, laughing about what sisters do.  Today, they drove to pick up Dh who had the traditional early hockey game, and they are headed out to visit each side of the family.. which is nice, since we have not done that in years.

Dh's side is getting together at the "usual" home since my oldest sil still could not get her act together to even straighten up her house to have everyone there... she is just too lazy to care.  Luckily, my other sil loves to  have everyone and jumped right in.  ( we are hoping to have the family Christmas eve gathering)

After they visit with Dh's side, they head up to a restaurant that my dad has made reservations for everyone. He had to do t his because my mom is sooo anxious about the size of her kitchen and that not everyone would fit, she winds up in the hospital... not worth it for my dad, so this is what he did.  Then, since she still has the "where would people sit" issue, they will head up to my aunt and uncle's house for dessert.. which eveyone is bringing something.

I have to work,doctor and sadly, we have a lot of patients. You can tell these people were just trying to make it through until after the holiday, but their breathing just got too bad,  One lady was travelling to Rhode Island and had to stop at our hospital for her breathing..she has 3 young children tooo!  what a bummer.  So we will be very busy today!  ( of course we are running short staffed!)  

The family stories should be fun to hear when I get home tonight.  :0)

Tomorrow, I head to Philly with Rachel and her one friend to see Rachel's newest play... THE TROUBLE WITH ANGELS.  Not sure if Allie will hop a ride with us... it is a big part of the day and will get home late at night. (sadly, Allie got a TON of pre-calc homework over break)

I hope everyone eats some turkey, stuffing and pie for me!  LOL

have a good day.



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