Okay, so I have these three fish in an aquarium.  Two of them are goldfish.  One of the goldfish is just a regular orange/white fish with the regular fish-shaped body.  The other goldfish has a shorter fatter body and a really pretty fanned out tail and fins.  Obviously I know nothing about fish.  I only got them for my kids and somehow they have migrated from their bedroom to my table next to my chair in my comfy spot in the living room.  I pretty much take care of them and feed them, clean their tank, etc.  Their names are Spotty (the one that is not gold) Rosie (the regular shaped one) and Gil (the short one with the pretty tail).


Today, Rosie and Gil exhibited some really strange behavior and perhaps someone that knows anything about fish could explain it to me.  I was just sitting in my comfy chair with my laptop when I glanced at the tank and saw Rosie chasing Gil all around the tank.  And I know this is really gross, but it appeared that Rosie was biting (or kissing or licking or whatever fish do with their mouth always opening and closing the way they do) Gil’s butt!  Yes! I really said that!  It was absolutely bizarre!  And it went on and on.  And here is the kicker: I could not tell if Gil was enjoying this or not.  He (or she because we have no idea how to tell male/female fish apart, we just name them whatever we like with no concern of their gender) was swimming really fast and sort of moving side to side. It could have been interpreted as a happy or movement OR as almost a “no, no, no” gesture.  I mean, how can you tell with fish, right?


So, I guess I am pretty perverted because I was absolutely captivated by this and just could not stop watching.  But mostly because I was trying to figure out if Rosie was being mean to Gil.  Do goldfish go “rogue”?  And I wondered why Spotty was completely ignored in this game, of sorts. 


Every now and then Gil would gain some distance and they would break contact, but then Rosie would catch right up and the game went on.    Sometimes when Rosie was trying to catch up she would swim up alongside Gil for a few seconds and during that time it was almost as if it was some kind of love tango between the two of them.  But then the “butt-licking” would begin again and I couldn’t tell if it was a good thing or not (well at least for Gil because Rosie definitely seemed to be in control of the situation). 


Then it just stopped and they both swam around the tank like normal and left each other alone.  But as I am typing this, I see it has resumed.  I sure hope someone can tell me what this is.  And more importantly, what shall I tell my kids when they ask me what Rosie and Gil are doing?  I am completely at a loss here.  Should I separate them?  And if I do, will I be saving poor Gil or breaking up a true loving relationship between him and Gil?  I just don’t know.


I mean, if it were ME, I would definitely want someone to remove the one that was chasing me around like that.  But I am not a fish.  So who knows?

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Nov. 25, 2010 at 12:29 PM

seperate em. being agressive was nipping at the tail and that is how they show "dominance"...

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Nov. 25, 2010 at 12:53 PM

it wasn't the tail. . . .. it was the . . . .you know. . . where the poop comes out.. . . ..  and I couldn't tell if it was actually biting. .. . They seem to be getting along better now. 

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Nov. 25, 2010 at 1:09 PM

I have NO idea...hoep someone can help!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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