Hello, This is my first posting. The title says it all. I am 8 weeks. I seem like all I have is emotions. Everything seems to piss me off or I am train wreck. I miss feeling like my happy go lucky self. I know this is part of pregnancy hormones and it will pass. Its crazy because I expect my husband to at least sympathize and he doesn't. Does anyone feel this way or is it just me? Am I being a total bitch? IDK... I'm happy that we are having this baby, but right now I feel like maybe it could have came at a wrong time for us. Like, we needed more time for us. Am I crazy? Does anyone feel like this?

I'll stop rambling.



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Nov. 26, 2010 at 3:34 AM

Shannon, first of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! It is a great big thing! Even if it makes you an emotional mess, it's still a wonderful, wonderful news!

As for your felings, you're not alone. A lot of women go through emotional rollercoasters when they're pregnant. My two pregnancies were tough on me, too. I had it even worse after the kids were born. Some ppl are just more inclined to emotional ups amd downs, and there's nothing wrong with it. Your husband might find it hard to sympathize with you since guys feel and see things differently than women. It's not that he doesn't care. He just lives in a different world emotionally and can't physically or mentally connect with yours. I've been there, too.

Now, as for the timing, trust me when I say that there is never a time where couples are "more ready" for the baby. Any pregnancy, even a planned one, is hard. Sure, some have it easier than others, but in general most women doubt the timing at one point or another:). 

I have a friend whose pregnancy was a complete surprise and came very untimely for her. Now she is the happies mother in the world. She has the sweetest baby girl who is the joy of her life. I myself was an unexpected, rushed baby, but my mom and I ended up being the best of friends.

Try to get more sleep - surprisingly, it might be one of the best thing you can do for yourself. Avoid situations that stress you out. Seek companionship of those friends who cheer you up. Take long showers and relax more.

Sending smiles and hugs your way,

CrazyMumOfTwo :):)


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