Buggy for the trip, sports car for the weekend jogger stroller for the very fast - the new buggy have with the conservative children of former coach almost nothing in common. Simply: How do you find the right stroller?

Looking for a stroller? Then you have given the abundance of the models are spoiled for choice! For the first policy on child car purchase, we show you a selection of classics and new favorites:

Especially practical: Combined prams. They can be from birth to a baby carrier and then as soon as baby can sit up to use as a sports car.

Click through our children's car slide shows and look at the models. We provide you with detailed information and tell you what pram and buggy for who is best suited.

With the stroller into the area

Anyone who travels a lot on rough terrain (forests, fields, etc.), it is detectable, large front wheels on his stroller. Who is mainly concerned with the baby carriage is moving in the city has an easier time with a "city car" with swivel front wheels. Also, the stroller should then have a small turning circle and good fit of its dimensions through doors, supermarket shelves and narrow store aisles. Even someone who travels a lot with public transport to look out for easy handling of the stroller. Also there has a auto-stroller with a battery  inside the back to help the baby walk.

Beware of very cheap stroller models: here represent the steerable front wheels slightly crosswise, making it difficult to push.

Who lives in a mountainous situation and manage many gap has should think of a good (hand) brake.

Does the stroller into the car?

Does the stroller into the car often, it should not be too hard and be folded easily and quickly leave. With a smaller trunk, he should be folded small as possible. Who has a particularly large car can invite the stroller may as a whole. In any case, the dimensions in open and folded state are interesting.

Does the stroller in the apartment?

Who lives in an upper floor, possibly without a lift, can consider whether a pram with carry bag is useful. Otherwise, a hard shell to be practical, because that often is more spacious.

Also make sure to be out of the pram "parked". Often, entrances and passageways dimensioned scarce, especially in apartment buildings with multiple children.

The trips with the baby carriage

If the baby is mainly on walks? Then it does a normal parking brake. If the parents are ambitious, sporty, the stroller should be on an extra hand brake grip. Then come the sporty three-wheeled stroller models in question. They're great for running, inline skating, etc., but do in the city is often something bad (for example, unrecognized irregularities, such as curbs) and are wobbly.

How practical is the pram?

Those who buy with strollers often does, should check for enough storage space. What is the nature of the tray? If what you're good, fit neatly inside shopping? Adjust other shopping bags over the handlebars, without tipping the stroller the same?

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Nov. 27, 2010 at 12:43 PM

We have a babyjogger and we LOVE it!!!!! It fits up to 75 lb. it fits perfectly in any trunk very easy to figure out.


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