It's 2:25 am and I'm waiting for mom to come back from Wal-Mart for us to be home for a lil while then head to Alex.  with the girls.  About the girls, lemme tell you:

Livie is 13 months now and still not talking but that's okay. She does give kisses (kindof) and makes the sound mmmm..... while she does it.  She also does that when referring to a cow.  Other than that, the only thing I can understand is mama and dada.  Some things about her: she'll come plop herself down on my lap while I'm sitting on the floor; she's usually not happy unless she's eating (trying to break her of that);  her sister can sure make her laugh; she loves to be outside; I do still give her a bottle every now and then - at night (and only one) but I either put cow milk or juice. No more formula. She usually goes to sleep on her own. She hasn't let me rock her to sleep for a while, but when she was an infant, I sure enjoyed that! Oh, and she gives five. She's smart, you can tell, she just refuses to talk. I think she says DAT! for "what's that" or "look at that" - I haven't figured it out yet. She does let me read to her now. We read the peek-a-boo books, and she likes to fold down the picture to see what's behind it. And we do have our moment together after she takes her bath when we pick up each bear on her shelf and say what color it is - pink,blue,green,yellow. Ironically, her walls are also those colors. So I point to each wall and say the colors. Sometimes I get faster and faster while I spin her around and she absolutely loves that time we spin together!

LOL! Funny! Mom just came back and thinks her toe is broke! Right when she got to Wal-Mart it was so crowded and some man stepped on her toe hard and then ran over it with a buggy!!! She leaned over and said,"Ow you bastard!" That's so funny cause she hardly ever curses. Then right ever she said "I need a buggy!" like a mad cow.

Well, my Bre is growing up. I took her swimming at LSUA other day and she said, "Mom, I love you. Thank you for taking me swimming!" So sweet. I worry I'm too hard on her, though. She gets down real easy and I think that may be cause of me. When I'm really upset with her, I give her this look of hatred. I don't mean to. I hate that I do that. God please give me patience and help me portray the love I feel for her. Amen.


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