I have to say we had a very nice Thanksgiving.  We've had Christmas music playing since we could have it playing on the radio.  And with good intentions, I meant to get up early to help...but alas, I was late and the home made cranberry sauce had already been made, as well as the green bean casserole.  You see, I have the greatest helpers in the world when they want to help!  My Becca assisted my hubby in the kitchen early.  Thank goodness I was able to share in the preparation, and one of my goals was to make home made applesauce with my daughter.  Everything was great!  And it was a nice and peaceful Thanksgiving for all of us, just the four of us.  No traveling, dressing up, worrying about anything.  We could stay in our pjs if we wanted, and did. 


Also for the first time this year, we will be lighting the advent wreath in our church as a family.  So a couple of firsts this year.  What a great way to end the 2010 yr.  Have a great holiday season!


Carole Harris



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