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There have been so much going on in my life that I haven't been on CM for a long time.

My husband and I seperated a week ago because all the stresses were just too much. We are still going through the custody battle with his ex. He still has his daughter. I have gotten worse, as far as my illness. I feel bad most days...instead of just every once in a while. Finally got approved for SSI and I have medicaid now. That's a big relief. I also found a new neurologist that has some experience with my illness.

I am staying with a friend and have my name on a waiting list for an apartment. There are only 4 people on the list and 16 units will come available soon. I am trying so hard to stay wasn't easy on Thanksgiving. I decided to spend it with my kids at a family that we are close to. My daughter and I did all the cooking and it was so great. I only had one I stayed pretty busy all day.

My husband and I are trying to be nice and get along. He said he will help me a little financially, because I can't survive on my SSI. (536.00) We have already walked through the house and everything I want, he is agreeable to. As long as we can be civil and work things out...I know I can make it and still have my peace of mind. I miss his daughter so much. She may not have been mine, but those who know me know how close we are. I miss my dog, Chevy. My husband said he would even pay the pet deposit when I get a place, so I can have her back with me. Everything is so overwhelming but I know I can do it if I stay positive. My head feels like it is spinning at all times. So much to get done and not enough time. I am struggling with the upcoming holiday season. It's not going to be very easy.

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