So we had a very nice Thanksgiving...i cooked..which i was hoping my mom would but/ she desided about a month ago to go to Tunica with her husband and my grandmother for vacation it was fine really they all needed a nice relaxing was good for my like i said i cook dinner we had my brother or and his girlfriend along with my sister in law and her so/ and the neices and nephew...the kids all had fun they love thanksgiving and we had a couple friends over also...i Love thanksgiving thow..i mean i can totally pig out and not even worry about it...i can eat turkey non stop...and not even care that i have already had 2

Well anyways i think the only thing that really pissed me off is my mother in law...we invited her granted she is not my husbands favriote's toooo long of a story to even get into but anyways....i invite her to all the birthdays and all the cookouts and the holidays when i have dinner's here...does she ever come...HELL NO...sO INSTEAD OF HER CALLING ME AND LETTING ME KNOW SOME EXCUSE LIKE ALWAYS THAT SHE COMES UP WITH..i call her maybe about 2hrs b4 dinner if that it could of been 1 hr or so just to make sure since i haven't heard from her that she is alright and she's coming...OF COURSE NOT..I CALL...and she says..o hi..i was just about to call boyfriend is sick and we aren't going to make husband hears this and in the background says..I'll come get you..she says...nooooo i won't leave so don't bother...UGHHHHHH...I am no longer inviting her to anything...we have been in our house for 3 yrs almost now and she has not once come over to see the kids ,her, or the house...and the kids love her to death for some reason...they got close to her  a few summers ago and they just think grandma is great..but she NEVER shows up...when we lived across the street from the home we are now in she was there i think maybe twice in a years time...My husband who doesn't have a good relashinship with her to begin with is always telling the kids not to get their hopes up grandma never comes..i try to stick up for her and this is always the thanks i get...which really sucks because i am the one who has told my husband the past is the past  no she wasn't a very great mom but time has passed and you have to love her and just move on...well i think he is right and maybe always has been...she wasn't there for him when he was younger don't depend on her now ..i really think the whole problem is the man she is stuck to like glue if you ask me..seems like all the other men in her life we have seen her lot' since she has been with this last guy for a few years he keeps her away or something..i don't know im just sick of from now on no more invites..just no more...ughh...and then when she has something for the kids or for me or my husband she actually drops the stuff off to my mothers house  instead of coming here to my house what the hell is that about?!Well enough of me o well i guess it was a great thanksgiving thow i just needed to vent about my mother in law...NO INVITE FOR X-MAS ...for

well im done venting...

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