Well, it's just been another year of making way too little money and trying to keep my sanity trying to raise and support two kids on my own.  At least I don't have to do it TOTALLY alone, b/c my parents do help me as much as they can.

   I just lost my job, though, so that' sux. I'm kinda scared because finding something where I can get off work before the kids get home, or at least make enough to afford after school care is not easy. They fired me b/c I wasn't willing to stay an HOUR late with not even a minutes advance notice, and therefore leave my kids home alone, wondering what happened to me, for an hour. Yeah, I'm the one who does NOT call in sick, even when I had the flu and a fever last week, who is always on time, and who, (whenever it's possible), fills in when someone else does call in sick. I was literally the ONLY reliable employee that place had, even the manager is late almost every day. The manager was looking for an excuse to fire me, anyway, though, b/c I am the only one who says anything to her when she comes in late, leaves without having done any chores, (we're supposed to do chores before we leave every day), or leaves without cleaning her station. I don't gripe at her or anything, I'll just casually and respectfully mention it, because it's so hypocritical of her to have all different rules for herself than what she expects of us, and I figure she ought to at least know it doesn't go unnoticed. It's better than what everyone else does, which is to say nothing to her, then talk about her behind her back and complain to each other about it. I don't do that. If something bugs me, I'll talk calmly and respectfully to that person about it, rather than smile to their face and then talk about them behind their back.

 Anyway, sorry to rant like that. Meanwhile, my kids have christmas lists a mile long, and lots of the items are expensive, and I'm lucky if I can even keep paying the bills, let alone buy expensive Christmas presents. I told my daughter, after she showed me her christmas list, that I hope she isn't going to be too dissapointed if she doesn't get everything on that list, because mommy is not rich. She responded that Santa IS rich, lol. Anyway, it's late and I should go to bed. Thanks for reading my rant, lol.

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