my 2 year old  with her-pin-gina  AND HERE IS how it son kylelyn just turned 2 years old on nov 11 s0o he had a realy big party because his 1st b-day was in a diffrent state s00 all of our lovley family member were not able tol make iit there...but anwys i made a vow that his 2nd birthday prty wld be wonderful luckly he fell in love wiith the wonderful caracter Handy mannywitch made making a theme for his party a breeze...so0 any ways his dads side of the famiiy came dwn from tx (i live in louisiana) and at the end of there stay i decided what better time than now t0o go ahead and let my 2 year old g0 with his dad t0 visit that side of the family...i decided that i would let him stay 4 a week nd tht everything would be fine! i called every night just like any mother to check on himm t0o see if he was d0iin well and he was everytime i called i could hear him laughing in the backround so i just though he was having a jolly old time s0o buy the next sunday it was almost ime for hiim to come home s0o i called too make sure everything was go0ing as planned and it was monday morning i was expecting him and i called c0ome t0 find 0ut car is in the sh0p s0o i was like okay well thts fine just have him here buy tuesday aftern0on..i get a call monday night tht my lil boy has a fever s0o i was like okay did u giv hiim any med (they saiid yeah and didnt say anything else about his condition)...s0o tuesday night ro0ls around and i g0o runnning t0o the car t00 see my lil babby wh0 i have not seen in a week and a day i did not notice anything wrong! except a horrible smell in his mouth and i just though well the long eide musta got t0o hiim.REMEBER ITS DARK OUTSIDE! okay so when i step int0 the house i notice  2 blisters on my sons face and i ask imedatley what is this (his dad says well bae i told u he had a fever ,s0o i was like owe just fever blisters) s0o as the night progress he starting just all out screeming s0o i gave him s0me chips HE EAT IT VERY SLOW! s0 i offered him s0me juice and evertime he took a sip he would start to screem again so0 i was like okay maybe he is still not filling g0od fr0m the 0ther day...s0o i give him abath and he fell asleep s0 i was like okay g00d thats all it was he was tired......G0D N00.... he woke up at 2 in the morning screeming t0 the t0p of his lungs and the 2 sores 0n the 0ut side of his mouth were n0w 5 s0o i decided 2 take hiim 2 the er...he screemed the whole time s0o once we got t0 a rom he layed on the bed and once the doctor came i and shinned a light in the back of his thought there was about 10 blisters back there the top of his mouth has started to swell puss and bleed s0o whith tht being said he cldnt have any juices or salty f0od only milk s0o he onlly drunk milk f0r 4 days straight and i only got n0 sleep 4 4 days!

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