You are missed in my life, always on my mind and FOREVER in my heart! Where life will take us we have no way of knowing, but feelings, thoughts and memories will NEVER fade. My moose still sits out every Christmas..with a bear nativity on my table. I still long for an Eeyore painting thats has never found my door. I have an Eeyore heart with know Roo to hold, but I know some how she is doing well and that keep me heart from breaking so.

I find myself feeling so alone, friends I have still come and go. My life is different for good and for bad, but from day to day I'm not always sad. I have a few friends, but there not the same, my BFF lives to far away. She pregnant again and has not be feeling well, I never get to talk to her and that hurts me like hell, I have a missing whole in my heart for you as well, but right now I can't say what the furture intells.

I finished school in Spetember with my Bachelor's in Webpage Design....I'm looking for a job right now so that I can put my talent to use. I left the group when some things went down and only have a few friends from it still around. I hate GA like I always have and wish Clarksville was mine again. I see things in store just like you, and I to have to walk on by with out bring them home with me. I still search online for things you and I like, but sadly can't stay on the sites for to long. I'm sorry for things and wish they could change. I'm happy as well, I have good things in my life that are finally seeming to go my way, I have to hold on to them these days. My grandma had a heartattack (mom's mom) but she is fine and on the mend to recovery, my grandpa died on 11/14 (dad's dad). My boys are great, but they miss your bros and I hope all is well. I love you to......

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