Mama on a Weight Loss Journey

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0 is the number for today, 0 pounds down and 0 pounds up. No gain is better than some gain. I know the only really I didn't lose, is because I didn't exercise this week, because I was so sick. So, I don't feel that bad. I'm looking forward to a week full of exercise, healthy eating, house cleaning, reorganizing our home, and Christmas shopping. Yes, that is a busy week, just the way I want it, LOL. That'll keep me outta the fridge and shedding the pounds. God Bless and Good Luck to all!!

Breakfast: Peanut butter on whole grain.

Snack: Whole Grain Pringles
Lunch: Campbell's Select Harvest Healthy Request Chicken with Whole Grain Pasta Soup.

That is my meal plan for the first part of the day.

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