Was in Kroger's Wed. Could not believe what I saw. Two women were fighting over a turkey.  It really upset me to see people act this way over food. There are people out there who would be glad to have any thing to eat. I'm very thankful  for having a family I can get together w/and enjoy visiting. We are all healthy & happy. If every one could get over the negative things. They would be alot happier.

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Nov. 27, 2010 at 10:29 AM

i agree. it's ridiculous what people will fight over anymore--just about anything, honestly. black friday at walmart was horrible when i got there at 10:30, we bought my nephews gift early then left because it was already a madhouse, and was getting worse, and being pregnant there was no way i was staying there. my brother, his girlfriend, and my sister were there at midnight, and people were fighting and screaming. people should be happy for what they have. its stupid to fight over a toy or a laptop because theres $20 off.

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