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Before returning to the roots of my faith as found in the early, undivided church, I spent twenty-five years in an evangelical denomination, followed by twenty-five more as a leader in the Charismatic Renewal.

Although I can speak separately from all three Christian streams--Evangelical, Charismatic, Sacramental--I delight in bringing them together in one, dynamic river of expression.

As the new church year begins tomorrow (Sunday, Nov. 28th), ushering in the Season of Advent, our first article discusses why the early church developed its own calendar.

Can busy, time-pressured Christians, whose holy celebrations have become so commercialized, benefit from this ancient way of observing the times and seasons of the Lord?

Please visit me at CONFERRING GRACE. As always, your comments, insights, and questions are welcome!

It is my prayer that cradle members of historic churches will gain a better understanding of the "why's" of their beautiful worship.

I also invite my  Evangelical and Charismatic friends to use these articles to help separate religious myths from truths, and join me in dispelling distortions and misconceptions that seek to divide the Body of Christ.

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