I am off for 5 days, this is my 2nd day off and I am enjoying it :) Yesterday me and my oldest daughter went to the mall shopping. Today we are having her SWEET 16 birthday party. She has two friends over and they are having Mary Kay facials, I am going to let them each pick out $20 of stuff too.Then we are going out to eat at Joes Crab Shack. This is turning out to be a great party. We also got my daughter a new phone and my Mom had her a Mary Kay basket fixed up worth $100, she is going to love it!!

    Tomorrow we are having our Thanksgiving get together at our home with all my babies, my Mom and my Husband's sister, boyfriend and son. I am going to try to start cooking this evening when we get back....turkey, ham, pumpkin pie, cookies, fudge. My Mom has the little ones with her right now making dressing, potato salad and deviled eggs and who knows what else. I love this time of year..we are also putting our tree up tomorrow and the rest of our decorations.

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