Journey back to ME.

My battle with stress, and anxiety.

Today is the day I am suppose to go to my mom's. Sadly I sad goodbye to my family an hour ago. I have decided to try to go in about in hour by myself and see how far I get. Perhaps I shall make it though something tells me today isn't the day. I just can't push myself to do something I am not ready for...

I talked with my mom last night and she didn't push and she seemed to be thankful just to see my husband and my kids. Though she did throw in she had baked my favorite cake.. UGh... my weakness.. if she only knew how much I would love to go there and eat great food and deserts..

I was happy to get to know some friends I had on here this last week. I talked with a few of them ... I feel its time to get to know others just like me..:) just  a bit different.. we are all unquie..:)

 I have had a few ideas for the group I have...  Stop letting stress, anxiety, and panic control you!!

I have found out how to do some new things in the group and I have applied them. I hope now others will feel more comfortable in joining us as we are more like a huge family then just a group!! We really would like to help others as we to get help our selves.. :)

I went back to work yesterday being off for about a week. I worked just one day .. LOL Ahh... how strange that sounds. Anyway work was slow. No one wants subs sadly and  to boot this new resturant in  town has claimed alot of our customers. I hope in times they come back and we can again become busy.. Till then We shall have the cleanest Subway in all of Iowa.. lol

Well, again I thank you all for following my progress and for your support.. I really am Thankful for the support in my last post as well as the messages .. it meant alot!! I don't plan on giving up!! This Disorder will not Claim me with out a fight!! I want my life back!!!

Well.... happy shopping all.. happy weekend..

and ... I have to say this ... I Thank God for you all..:)

Now... if you or someone you know on here has Stress, Anxiety, Panic, SAD (seasonal anxiety , depression), Depression, Bipolar, phobia's, or any mental illness... your are not ALONE!!!

We have a grear family/group and we are waiting for you to join us...

its a click away ... :)

Click  this tag and you will be there. 

I hope you make it there.. feel free to share photo's in the group and to share your stories... We are there to offer you support and show you are not ALONE!!!!

We also do text support.. :)

Take care all ...

and have a safe and fun weekend..


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Nov. 27, 2010 at 2:01 PM


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Nov. 27, 2010 at 2:13 PM

I hope you are on the road (or there already)....but, if can try again another time! And, if you didn't go....I sure hope they bring you some "goodies" back! ;-) I'm glad your Mom didn't push about you coming. Maybe she does understand a little bit? I hope so!

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Nov. 27, 2010 at 6:11 PM

Sadly I didn't make it.. :(

but ... I shall always keep trying.. as many others do daily...

Life is what you make of it.. it's all about suriving and trying!!!

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Jan. 20, 2011 at 1:01 PM

keep trying you will eventually do it       hug

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