I am offering a few Tupperware Gift Packs. For $25 you can get either of the Following Gift Packs:

Gadget Gift Pack
- Veggie Spiral Tool ( great for making garnishes and adding special touches )
- Mini Jel-Ring Mold Set 9 )Mold includes ring mold, four decorative design molds seal with design and Classic Round Seal, great for jello, mousse and more)
- 2 Round Forget Me Not Containers ( for keeping things like onions and Tomatoes in the refridgerator)
- 1 Square Forget Me Not Container ( holds sliced cheese)
You get all this for $25. It includes SHIPPING AND TAXES.

Organize Gift Pack
- Veggie Spiral Tool
-Set of 4 Serving Cup Set ( each holds 7 oz, includes lids)
-Flat Out Container ( holds 4 cups, includes lid, compacts down flat when not using)
You get all this for $25. It includes SHIPPING and TAXES.

Either of these would make a great gift, or you could even make several gifts. Stuff a stocking with fabulous Tupperware items, or treat yourself.

These are BRAND NEW items.

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