So I've finally done it. I have been making handmade diaper bags, purses, and other things for friends, family, and my daughter. Many of my friends have encouraged me to open up shop and sell my items. So I did, last week, I finally posted my items on Etsy. You can view my items at I would love to hear from you tell me if you like any of my items, or any suggestions. I also have a facebook page, just search "Created by Cindy" and click the "Like" button to get updates, discounts codes, and get to be the first one to see upcoming products and giveaways. I also have a twitter account search and follow Created By Cindy, this will also give you the preview for upcoming products, giveaways, discount codes, and updates. I do custom and personalize order, just e-mail me at for your personalized or customized order.

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