Ok so we have 2 hamsters,a dog,fish,cat and 2 hermit crabs.Well the one hermit crab kicked the other one out of his shell.Then time went on and outta know where he decides that he wants his shell back.Well,the shell thief was in his molting stage and weak and whatever.And the 1st crab started to shake his stolen shell until the thief came out.When he got all the way out the owner lol took his big claw and bitch slapped him right off the shell   and slipped right into his home lol.Well,I guess they both want that  one shell cuz the  crab won't go in his old one or the other one in there.Anyhow,after work I was gonna come home(today) and take NJ up to the pet store for bedding and some shells.Well,I didnt have to go by the time I got home from work.I guess a little kitty was a little snot.He knocked down the hermit crab cage down and ate the shell less crab.I felt so bad. Poor little thing.I did take NJ to the store tho.We bought the bedding and another shell anyhow.He wanted to buy more  but I told him to wait,after Christmas we will upgrade the whole habitat.He dont know we are doing that all as a gift for Christmas. hehehe Im excited.Thats pretty much all we have left as far as Christmas shopping goes.We did great this year. Even got the inlaws 3 seasons of two and a half men.They love that show.We got the niece and nephewdone.I need to get hubby and that habitat and we are all done.Way a head of time.Sweet! lol lol.


Thanksgiving was real nice.

I cried a little that night cuz Joshua's bday was the next day. I worked on his bday 9 hr day.So,that helped me not think about Josh.I did think alot once I got home.He would have turned 15th.

Im still smoking but,Everyone Monday I subtract a cigarette from a pack. Ex: I started with 10 cigs per day.Everyone Monday I  subtract one.This Monday I will be able to smoke 6 cigs a day. Ill do this until they are gone. Seems to be working so far. Thats about it for now

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