My husband and I celebrated our 50th anniversary this year. Can't believe it went by so quickly!! When I was a child, I always thought when you got that old,and married that long, you were ancient. Well, I was wrong!! I don't feel old at all :-) I think we always feel the same age inside. I do, even though when I look in the mirror, I know there's an older person looking back. I think I am very lucky, as my husband still sees that young gal who he met over 50 years ago. Perhaps that is why I feel young still, He is my best friend and we still like simple things, like getting an ice cream cone, going for drives, and laughing !!! i think I would dry up if not for those "laughs" we give each other. You miss children being around, but there seems to be other things to keep you busy. How did we work all those years, since we run out of hours now? I volunteer at the local senior center, and walk five days a week at the lake there. Have met so many neat people, who I enjoy being with. My being a member of an Antique club keeps me busy with other  "Vintage" ladies and we have fun at our monthly luncheons, teas, and trips.  I also belong to a garden club, which has monthly meetings, and get togethers. Ah, life is good, We took a trip across the states this fall, saw lots of beautiful country. Visited with grandkids and great grands. No mishaps either, so our guardian angel was working overtime, I'm sure!! Had lovely Thanksgiving with family. Now Christmas is near. Gotta get busy and decorate.  Greatma

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Nov. 27, 2010 at 4:38 PM

Congrats on your anniversary !!  I hope to be there one day.  I know what you mean by you always feel the same inside.  I am only turning 40 this next year but I still feel the same as when i was younger.  Here's to the next 50 years !!  Cheers !!

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