I am slowly trying to wrap my brain around this latest news regarding my health. I just dont know how i can do this. how the family is going to handle this. I am morning the passing of my favorite breads and grains. changing from stand by pasta's to the rice or other types, trying to find a gluten free bread that doesnt taste like crap. I just want to live without pain. so i suppose that if i can truly feel normal, then i can give up those foods. it is small price to pay and an even trade i suppose. I don't know. I was looking at my pantry and the various convenience foods i choose to eat, it was overwhelming. Trying to figure out what i can and can't eat makes my head feel like it is swimming. Also, there is this whole aspect of cross contamination. The recommendations for this, is beyond my comprehension. I am not a tastidious house keeper, we have clutter and i am fine with it. i spray my kitchen down with windex and wipe it down and do all my dishes in the dishwasher, but i do not worry so much about germs and such. i just don't know how this is going to work out. my husand thought it was completely overboard to get a seperate toaster. So i decided not to push the issue for now. It isn't that he isnt supportive, cause he is and we have been integrating more and more gluten free things in the house, its just that my symptoms arent immediate and arent GI related so its hard to see a connection. He thinks that is just going overboard and being obsessive. But my fear is that the more i get the gluten out of my diet, the more sensitive i get and that it will be a necessity. I guess we will just have to see. On the positive side, i did find some totally awesome android apps to help with finding out if items have gluten in them by scanning the barcode and a ton of recipes. and a symptom tracker. it is really neat and any excuse to use my phone is alright with me!


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Dec. 6, 2010 at 7:53 PM

Wow... what android app is that? I'm going to tell DH I need an android just for that app, lol.

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Dec. 6, 2010 at 9:55 PM

well, the gf scanner is the one that scans the barcode and then looks at the ingredients in the product's data base. and then it tells me if it has gluten in it. which really helps for all those stupid hidden ones. there is one for recipes. and really, if you just search celiac or gluten free, you will find tons! just tons, and yeah, you need one! i love android!

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