Man sometimes I forget my focus and lose sight of what is important. We are all guilty of that I am sure. No one is perfect. Well, I am finally happy with my choices in life. I am a photographer, a writer, a mother of three, a wife to a loving husband and a consultant with my favorite company in the world. Life just couldn't be any better.

I have already set goals for this up coming year and they are pretty simple. Finish my third book, work on getting my studio ready for shoots and exercise :)

Do you set goals for yourself? How often do you follow through? I am so bad at following through sometimes.

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Nov. 28, 2010 at 11:07 AM

So wonderful to hear that girl! :) Isn't it beautiful that we have the power to create change and bring ourselves back up on our feet! Never giving up is the key... I am so absolutely excited for you and know this year will be an amazing one for you and your family!

I definitely set goals and am going after my dreams. I have done pretty well so far with following through and make it my purpose to help as many as I can follow through also! 

You will get it done girl.... I have faith in you and truly believe that you can accomplish anything you set your heart out to do!

Jenn May

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Dec. 11, 2010 at 11:43 PM

Yes I set goals for myself but hardly ever follow through! I know, pretty sad! I try to stay focused but...well that's another story! That's wonderful that your life is back on track and are happy with your life! You can accomplish ANYTHING that you set your mind to! You go girl! Blessings!  Kimberly

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