As I sit here by myself, it is official that the college breaks are over.

Rachel had been busy all break with her play so her time home was limited. I went to see Rachel's play on Friday night and I truly enjoyed it.

Allie had a ton of math homework to do in between her planned and unplanned activities. One as late as last night... she had her friends over for a get together instead of her driving to each person's house. THAT definitley would have taken up all of her break.  LOL Of course the people who I didn't think would show up, did not. BUt this way, she got to spend time with her closest friends.Just made hotdogs and hamburgers and a few extra munchies for the group,,, which seemed to work out just fine.

Rachel stayed with her grandparents last night since they are closer to the theatre than we are and since the show ended at 9pm and she has to be back for a matinee performance, I figured that would be the smartest way to handle.

Dh is driving Allie back up to school this morning and then catching up with a hockey buddy in Canada while he is there.  I was going to go up as well, but the other wife is actually flying back to around here today!

So both girls will be back on their campus's later today, getting ready for finals AND Christmas break!


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