1. I have an undeniable amount of faith and trust in people, it's my fatal flaw.

2. I often feel as though I'm perched uncomfortably on the brink of something either very wonderful or very horrible

3. Things that others find simple, or lacking in beauty... i find extraordinary.

4.I analyze body language in EVERY situation, class, bus, social settings. All of it.

5. I like figuring people out & I hate the feeling of helplessness.

6. My daughter currently has my life in a frenzy

7. I skinny dipped on a beach, in Tuscany Italy.

8. I am an avid reader. There has never been a point in my life where i wasn't reading. Book to book, back to back.

9.I never get "bored," I have always been content by/with myself.

10.I can have strong opinions and values without feeling threatened by hearing and considering other points of view. I enjoy a healthy, intellectual debate, and I’m not afraid to think I might be wrong, or admit it if I realize that I am.

11.I have a spectrum of idiosyncrasies, you'll figure them out over time.

12. My mom tried getting me into ballet, turns out I'm a really big klutz and trip more than any person you know... I'm not ashamed.

13.I'm always five to ten degrees off the normal temperature

14. I always listen to Billie Holiday or Miles Davis before i fall asleep.

15. People think I'm cold, unemotional and laid back - I am but I do know when to let go, when push comes to shove.

16. I am strong, but not rigid. Strength, without flexibility, tends to crack or break.

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Nov. 30, 2010 at 8:57 AM

You forgot one thing!

You are a bad liar!

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