The answer for me after searching the scriptures and watching the world news, is "YES! we are in the last days of the age of God's Grace" here on this earth.

Will that strike fear into your heart, doubt, worry?  Should it? 
It may, but it shouldn't be a lasting feeling if you are a Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, if you have truly asked Him to be your personal Savior and Lord of your life.  If you ask Him to place peace and trust into your heart ~ you should not experience fear, doubt or worry for long!  
We need to understand our responsibility as Christians.  We may have been under the illusion that once saved it ends our part, He will do the rest.  Yes, that is in part true, but falls short of a full comprehension of our response to His gift of eternal life with Him.  We still live here and must "do, say and act" on a daily basis.   It is through Him, His power, His Holy Spirit, that we are to find the words, find the thoughts, find the energy to live.

Interesting to me lately is Psalm 37.  I've marked it up over the years, underlined and circled, but lately I've taken a harder look at what it really says for my daily day. 
It begins with FRET NOT... no fear, no worry, no envy, no doubt, no struggle!!!  It is written to me!  Five key words follow beginning each verse:    3 = TRUST, 4 = DELIGHT, 5 = COMMIT, 7 = REST and 8 = CEASE.  Look at the order!  It all begins with trust!

Trust ~ Hebrew batach meaning refuge, confident,                  sure, bold, to make to hope, put-to-trust
Delight ~ anag meaning to be soft, pliable, luxurious,                delicate, delight
Commit ~ galal meaning to roll away, down, together              run down, seek to trust, wallow
Rest ~ shaqat meaning idle, settle, be still, be at, be in,              give, have take rest
Cease ~ raphah meaning abate, cease, fall. faint, forsake,          leave

Isaiah 30:15  "For thus saith the Lord GOD; the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not."

These are not just words on a page, these are the Lord GOD Almighty's instructions for life!  ......and ye would not"  !!  Responsibility to act / choose... DO!

This points to a choice!  We must point our minds  to these directions like arrows to a target each and every day, perhaps some, like myself, many times during the day!

The result of that choice is a luxurious peace, His peace  that will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus that we will not be able to explain other than to radiate His countenance, His love to others! In this world, in these dark days, that is some testimony!

We have a short time left to witness, to love, to comfort, to share of His plan of salvation. We will be called very soon, "Come up hither" in the blink of an eye.  No time for phone calls to children, no look to a spouse, no time to ask forgiveness.... what will you leave behind to help another find salvation in Jesus?

We may endure persecution.  We must look to Jesus, cement in our minds, our hearts and train our bodies to obey as He did, knowing He will take over for us as He did when Stephen was on trial for his faith.  Heaven opened up for his eyes to behold his Savior welcoming him into glory! 

Make sure, beloved, you are in Christ Jesus.  Then, depend on Him for your every moment, every move you make.  Your times are His, you are His purchase, His treasure!  Shine on, shine now, shine after you're gone... shine on!

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