My Heart Is Mine Forever

I gave my heart away one time

To a man I loved so true

And he battered it and bruised it

And scarred it through and through

Till finally I retreated

And stole it back again

Vowing to guard it closely now

And give it time to mend


I'll never give my hear t away again

I promised to myself

I'll give it time to heal and then

I'll store it on the shelf


But soon I found another

Who was gentle and sincere

And I gave my heart to him

Who treated me so dear

And years and years passed by

With our love so true and strong

Until at last he broke me

As I had feared he would all along


I'll never give my heart away again

And this time it's for sure

My heart is barely beating now

There's not much more it can endure


And so you ask me now

To give my heart to you

But  years have taught me better

And to my heart I must be true

I could never give my heart to you

But in passion I'll share this night

I'll share my body and my soul

But my heart is mine tonight


I'll never give my heart away again

For the mending is too rough

But you can have the rest of me

I hope that that's enough


My heart is mine forever now.


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Nov. 28, 2010 at 2:21 PM

Love it....voted POP!

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