1.       My mother taught me how to use my words to win any battle.

2.       My father taught me how to use the path of silence sometimes.

3.       Rick taught me to never act without first being sure that action if covered by a plan B.

4.       Janice taught me to always act but not react.

5.       David taught me to always find the good in people no matter how deeply you have to look for it.

6.       Jack taught me how to be tolerant of co-workers.

7.       Dan Brisker taught me how to make people think they were getting more than you were actually giving them (or at least he tried to).

8.       Paramount Beauty Academy has taught me how to cry (and I do it daily on my way to and from work and several trips to the bathroom throughout the day to shed a tear or two).

9.       Rosie has taught me about generosity.

10.   My children (collectively) have taught me that, as gross as it is, vomit is not going to kill me.

11.   Barbara Gail has taught me that even a youthful person can be FULL of wisdom

12.   Barry Newsom taught me how to fear.

13.   Dena Leggett Newsom taught me that friendship is fleeting.

14.   My Friends at the Elks have taught me how to lighten up.

15.   My Facebook Friends have taught me how nice it is to keep in touch with those I have not seen in a while.

16.   April and David have taught me about a parallel universe.

17.   Holy Family Catholic Church taught me about corruption.

18.   David's siblings taught me about betrayal.

19.   Father Jay taught me to bide my time before making a hasty decision.

20.   Mr. Stump taught me how to be a good citizen and to look outside the box.

21.   Patty Banfield and Martha Preston taught me my trade AND how to absorb every morsel of knowledge that passes my way.

22.   Carol Green taught me how to learn by teaching. (I love you, by the way!)

23.   Allen taught me endurance.

24.   Ma Leslie taught me to love politics.

25.   Mark Haeberle taught me (and exemplified) that there are still gentlemen in the world.

26.   Olivia taught me the art of social graces. (Emily Post Book of Etiquette is my Bible!)

27.   Rosa and John both taught me how to face my fears.

28.   Jane taught me the importance of keeping my enemies close at hand.

29.   Rod taught me about the cornfield.

30.   Lee Ann taught me how to smoke.

31.   Virgil taught me how to drink.

32.   Pola taught me the art of submissive power.

33.   Cynthia taught me about prejudice and how not to be.

34.   Ruthann taught me to love Thanksgiving

35.   Lauren Young taught me to love Christmas.

Okay, that's it for now.

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Nov. 28, 2010 at 2:23 PM


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