ok so i have been in this relashonship for 4 years and for the last year i feel like he dose nothing at all we both work and i come home and also take care of faith(witch is not a problem) the problem is when he get home he wants to eat and sleep he dose not help with laundry or cleaning or dishes his thing is that he worked and hes tired well i hate to tell him but so do i and i am the one that dose all the work at home sometimes i feel like i am a single parent.

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Nov. 28, 2010 at 4:26 PM

I understand that ..... LOL  been there.  As hard as it is.... either you can keep it up, or .... try different ideas... like baby .. you hungry??? wanna help me out alittle so that WE can get in the bed alittle earlier,  OH goodness, are your clothes STILL DIRTY.... I am so sorry, sometimes between WORKING and takng care of Faith, eating,and cleaning... I must have forgotten the laundry..... can you help by putting a load in for me... thanks babe.   ( *may not work, but worth a try...lol)  good luck doll

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Nov. 28, 2010 at 5:53 PM

Maybe you can go on vacation then he'll have to manage... or you can assign chores on a list and it will clearly read that he is responsible for say trash and dishes or something like that.  If he doesn't abide by that then you could stop doing his laundry until he gets the message. If he gets hostile about it then you can calmly explain to him that it is even more work for you if you have to do his laundry too on top of his chores. :| 

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