well i found out i was pregnant a couple weeks ago after a very scary er trip. turns out i had an ovarain cyst that burst and that i was a couple weeks pregnant....

flash forward to now....5 weeks pregnant... my boyfriend stays out all night drinking and smoking almost 7 days a week.....last night....i heard from a friend some one got stabbed...

scary right.....worried about my man i call him to see if hes alright no answer so i call a boy he was with last night. he told me austin was drinking all night and left the party with some one but he wouldnt tell me who.

i dont know what to do now. i dont want a baby to be put in a situation where a parent is always getting drunk...thats how i spent my 18 years with my mom...now i want to leave him and not look back. but i cant keep away from him.

just worried....will i be able to do this by myself? who will be there to support me? all this worrying and to top it of morning sickness.....think ill go eat a pickle.

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Nov. 28, 2010 at 4:42 PM

Save yourself.  LOL   I know its easier for me to SAY to you but I am serious.     ANYONE of us with this experience will tell you.....  its not easy but it will pass.  (morning sickness too...lol)  PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS   " BOY"   CONTROL YOU!!!!!   Get out of it while you can.  You will find real love... he is not the only one.

If he cared  do you REALLLLLLY THINK he'd be "partyin" most nights, and then to " leave w/another"  uhhhhhhh....... C YA.   THIS WILL CONTINUE...... you don't take a stand NOW you will always be miserable and so will this baby.  You will never be happy, he will never be true, he wont be there for you, and will continue to do his thing.  (BEEN THERE)....... 

I wish you the best doll and IF U EVER need to talk, or vent... hit me up.... I'm here.... take care

(and please ....don't let the little bastard drive your car leaving you stranded ...possibly wrecking it or getting it impounded). good luck

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Nov. 28, 2010 at 6:49 PM

I totally agree with kkbird.  Get out.  The sooner the better.  My parents were alcoholic.  Please, don't stay with him.  We are perfectly capable of doing it by ourselves!  HUGS to you, friend me (and anyone else you want) and we'll chat. :)  ~~Karen

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