Man, oh man!  I was so looking forward to Josh moving closer to home.  I am still excited that they are closer but having spent 2 weeks with him, his wife, and 3 kids I have to wonder what the hell happened to him?  Does his wife really love him or is he just a convenient pay check so that she does not have to work?  Yes, I know they had a baby together but nowadays that means nothing.  It is a sad thing when my self-involved 16 year old (what 16 year old isn't self-involved?) comes to me and not only says she is never going to have kids after having spent 2 days with his kids (she will change her mind) but wants to know why Josh and Bev let the kids run wild.  I could go on and on....maybe later!


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Nov. 28, 2010 at 5:25 PM

OH GOODNESS...... Be strong momma...... but stay attentive..... Good luck.

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