I've been wanting to prepare for a while, but since I have a procrastinating husband, I must wait. 

Tonight I decided to go into Kaila's room (since she will share with Dom) and clean out the toys she doesn't play with anymore. I put aside the gender neutral toys for Dom and the rest went into a bag that I want to donate.  I got everything out that I could think of and straightened all the other toys (placing them in the closet). I then asked my dh to bring up the vacuum so I can vacuum the floor since I moved furniture. 

I am going to ask my parents to come down the weekend before Christmas to help my dh paint the room. Then we can set up the toddler bed and hopefully I will have my shower a few weeks after that. 

The baby shower thing about I am a little upset over. I have repeatedly asked my MIL when are we going to have the damn thing and I picked the 8th, so that I had enough time to prepare (wash, put up, and straighten as well as purchase anything we didn't get). Now all of a sudden, as of last night, the 8th isn't good for her and MAYBE the 14th...uh...HELLO?! This baby will be here anytime between Jan. 28-Feb.4th. That doesn't give me much time. This pisses me off a bit. I am grateful she's giving us a baby shower but annoyed at the last minute crap. I don't go on whim's. I have to plan. Procrastination is a pet peeve of mine. I do it at time but not on important things and my dh and his parent's always procrastinate...

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Nov. 30, 2010 at 11:17 AM

haha, I remember when I was pregnant with Ry.  Everyone wanted to have the shower early to not get into the holidays.  I loved it!  It gave me time to get things done.  You are not being unreasonable. Good luck momma. 

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Nov. 30, 2010 at 11:36 AM

Thanks. I just don't want to feel rushed. Maybe they like to do last minute things, but I don't.

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