The girlies and I had quite a full day. We hopped in the twinmobile (why yes, I DO have a bumper sticker that says exactly that, and yes I AM that mom) and headed over to Deptford mall to get the girls' Christmas portraits done, as well as their visit with Santa. They were pretty excited about the latter, not so much the former but they're troopers, and they're so used to having a camera pointed in their face all the time, they know how to work it.

Since we got there almost an hour before our appointment time at Picture People, we jumped in line to meet Santa and waited. And waited. And waited. Christ, it was insane. The woman infront of us let us go ahead of her because she knew I had an appointment to keep and we'd been chatting the whole time, which was awful nice of her, and we were STILL 10 minutes late to PP. I just couldn't see getting out of line when we were so very close and had waited so long. I knew PP would be cool about it, and they were.

When Santa asked the girls what they wanted for Christmas, they told him they really wanted Leapster Explorers, Hide-and-seek JoJo, and that Fisher Price Bigfoot (I already got the Leapsters, my mom got them JoJo, and my sister bought them Bigfoot today, so score). They smiled big for the photographer and each got their own copy of "Twas the Night Before Christmas", and off we went to PP.


Just for some nostalgia, here are the last fewyears with Santa:



(none taken in 2007, they were scared toddlers)


The wait to get the actual portraits done wasn't bad at all, and we were prwtty much in and out of there. The girls were exceptionally cooperative, which the photographer remarked about more than once, so it was a breeze. The only thing is that the last background he used was grey and I really didn't care for it. Ashame too, because with that one he got some great shots but the background was such a turn off. Who uses grey for Holiday portraits, anyway?

I took the girls in the family changing room to get them out of their nice dresses and shoes, and we hit the food court to get a light lunch. We had a lot of fun, just chatting and being silly together. We had a few people bail on us that were supposed to come with, but I was glad we would up going solo, because it was a lot of fun, just the three of us. My girls are turning into fun little people.

After lunch, we headed back to PP and waited ages before I finally got to pick out which picture we wanted, and then once it was printed, we were off, finally! The girls didn't mind waiting, though - they made a lot of friends and played in the little play area nicely. I was very happy with their behavior all day, and it made me really realize that they ARE growing up, they ARE maturing and becoming really, somewhat civil little girls that I can take out in public alone and have fun with. I couldn't even think of doing that a year ago. It's amazing, really.

Anyway, I leave you with the pictures from PP. A lot of really cute ones, but the first one is the one we wound up going with:

Lizzie has the black bow and red stockings, Alex has the red bow and white stockings

Almost identical to the one we got

I almost got this one

These two would've been perfect if it weren't for that background


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Nov. 28, 2010 at 11:41 PM

Aww, your girls are cute!

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Nov. 29, 2010 at 12:24 PM

Sweet! Very cute shots!

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