If you find yourself intrigued, but lack the background of completely understanding this post, feel free to read one of my other posts titled "O' Holiday" which gives a lot of details into this miserable situation we are in as we live with my basket case of a mother.

So the latest crazy with my mother happened earlier this evening. My mother is still in Massachusetts, visiting my older sister. She won't be back until Tuesday. Anyways, I forgot myself for a moment and was talking to her on FB. I apparently lost track of my senses because I thought I was talking to a sane, normal, logical person on the other end of the instant message. Silly ME! As we were talking, I make my mistake: "Joe and I are going to buy a Christmas tree on the 1st."

The conversation then went from moderately normal to psycho-weird. Apparently, since I had first moved out about 6 years ago, my mother has become terrified of real Christmas trees. Apparently they spontaneously combust all of the time, how was I to know? Nevermind that my husband and I are capable and experienced at having real trees, we knew we had to water it daily, clean up the needles, etc. But then she let me know that I am not capable of taking care of a tree. I don't know HOW I have managed to keep my two kids alive mind you! It must be magic! So I can't care for a tree, nor can I clean up after one. And then the fact that she decided that the tree would cost us over a hundred dollars all together (tree, stand, lights), I don't know what tree lot she's been pricing, but I haven't run into a tree THAT expensive. I then remind her that, she shouldn't care how much the tree costs, because we'd be paying for it. She'd still be getting her effing money, so what was it to her? With no able response, she then went to her last restort, fine, you can have a tree, but I'm going to attach such stupid, insulting, petty rules, that you won't want one. She won. The rules were, the tree was to be kept precisely picked up after, no needles on the floor, it was not allowed to dry out, the lights could only be on for a short period, and there was no room for negotiation.

Maybe you're thinking I should have done it? But see, she is the type of freak who would deliberaly go over and inspect the tree daily, probably twice a day. She would inspect it, naturally find needles on the floor (even if we vacuum daily), nag about it angrily in emails and messages, point out constantly that the tree was drying out, and make complaints and comments when the lights were on, and remind us (in a way that told both my husband and I that we are only 15 to her) that the lights must go off by such and such a time. If we weren't already constantly fighting, being belittled, nagged at, complained about, and made to feel incompetent, worthless, and generall sucky all together; this might have been a battle worth fighting. But after over eight months of this, I'm exhausted, fed up, baffled, and really frustrated with the whole arrangement, and instead have decided we would spend Christmas with my in-laws in California.

Put that in your peace pipe, momma, and suck on it.

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