ok so me and my husband have been fighting ove3r stupid crap, but thats not it i went to black friday i didnt go at 12 am i went at like 10 am thinking i was not going to get anythink i wanted to cause i feel asleep well i was wrong on that i got a few things but i left dropped my hubby off at home and the stuff i got and then went back to go get food for the house well later when i got home like hours after i realize my pures was not any where to be found............ yup it was stollen/ lost it had 20 dollars in it and my id and my debt card and the card i load all mine and my tenants rent on to my land lord and not only that isa i work at a bar and i open and guess what my work key is in there no one will no what its to but i just started monday and i dint want to have to go to my boss and tell her so now cant get in my bank accont unless i sent my hubby to the bank to pull money out cuz im not on the accound and it just seems like everything is crashing down aroundd me and i just want to sleep for like a week to forget about it oh and not only that the other night i cooked some food at like 1030 or 11 pm and went to bed well i had one of my dog in the livingroom sleeping cause she was a bad dog well most the night se was freaking out at the bedroom door trying to get in as what i thought but no dumb me left the gas stove on a little thought i turned it all the way off well i gess not and my hubby woke up at like 5 or 6 am to smell the house full of gas (thanks to my dog )he ha to open windows doors for a good 15 min to air out i could of killed us all

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