Ok I got to go back to the hospital for the first time since being released on Wed. Nicholas is doing really good he is holding his temp and no longer needs an IV. He has toped his birth weight and is now 4lbs 2oz.I really wish that i could visit more but i cant afford the gas for hour and a half drive to the hospital. I arrived today just in time for one of his bottle feedings( they are giving him a bottle at every third feeding) so i got to feed him for the first time since he was born. It was awsome. My mom, mother in law and daughter went with me so they all got to hold him to. The nurse tonight was the best that have met. She really tried to involve my daughter in what was going on. She let Lexi listen to Nicks heart beat then she got to listen to her heart. Lexi drew Nick a picture while i was feeding him so now there is a picture hanging on the board in his side of the NICU. I dont think i would be able to make it if it weren't for Matthew Lexi and my hubby. They really know how to cheer you up when your down.

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