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Rants & Raves & A Lil B*tching

My son is really into super mario right now, and of course, like for most people, money is taken into consideration. we have 3 boys and are not really tight on how much money we have to spend, but at the same time we want to be smart. the boyrs are 4, 2 and 1. We wanted to get my sons mario shirts, but they are expensive, and I am on ebay bc I can't find many in the stores his size. Well, we were thinking of just getting the iron ons and getting some regular shirts, probably cheaper in the end and we can give him more shirts than if we buy the actual ones. But last time I did that I bought some spongebob ones from the store and put them on cheap white shirts, they did not last long before they were peeling. Is there a way to prevent this. Did I do something wrong when putting them on or were the shirts too cheap? Any tips??? 

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