That is how my sister is behaving, and it's only begun... She asked for help and every suggestion is a "Um no, hahaha, no." She is one sarcastic little bitch.. she honestly thinks that by making fun of our suggestions, that we will just say yes to all her stupid plans.. She has been waiting for her BF to pop the question for a long time now, they've been together for 10yrs and she is not being nice to anyone.. She said she will be a bridezilla and make our lives miserable, because she will do what she wants whether we like it or not..

I have to get 2 dresses and a tux.. so I'm spending money on it as well, plus bridal shower stuff and everything else that needs to be purchased at the last minute..

As of now, I have removed myself from that situation as well as my mom and my younger sister.. Why do we need to stress 12 months in advance.. ? I don't know.. I wish she would elope and just get married already and go away...


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Nov. 30, 2010 at 1:37 PM

I don't mean to sound crass but quit the wedding party.  The more people who don't put up with Bridezilla behavior then the less people will do it if they want people in or to go to their weddings.  A former friend of mine pulled this crap so I walked out of the wedding party.  It was the best decesion ever since she ended up dropping all the Bridezilla BS.  Tell her if she wants to be a b_tch then she can do it on her own without you. 

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Nov. 30, 2010 at 2:22 PM

She has been waiting 10 years so she probably put a lot of thought into it. I don't condone her attitude towards her family but she is probably worried that her wedding day will be taken from her and the family will take over it. Her way of pushing everyone off of her day.

I should know... my family took over my wedding and the only good part of my wedding that was totally my husband and I was the vows and the I do part. I would just get the family together and try to talk to her about how you would love to help but she also has to be nicer to you guys. That it can be her wedding but she has to consider a few things as well like how much can someone afford when it comes to the dresses and such. And let her know that people do not appreciate her attitude when it comes to the wedding planning.

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