I can not understand why I do not have enough emotional support? Man, I mean I am a nice person but my family is so shitty. No one was there to cheer me on when I had my baby. Even now they are on facebook but no one ever thinks to write me. I have to write them. No one calls me. If my mo does call me it is to tell me her problem, who sh blames for her problem, and can I get some money?

Yes I am feeling down today and trying not to take it out on myself but I feel so crummy inside. I am trying to keep things together for me and my son and it is hard. Not just financially hard (that's a given) but emotionally. I know I can not even go to any family and ask for help. I ask my father but feel bad because I think he thinks less of me. Like why are you still struggling. :(

I was given a number to call and see if I can get some help for rent but because I live in the county I do I can not get it :( The lady is nice and will try to find some for me in my area. Hearing that I kinda already knew that it was going to be that way (a no because where I live) and just reenforces my dislike for living in the city. There is not much hope here. Very few resources.

I had to ove out here because I was running short on time with finding a new place and took the first one open. I didn't want to move away from the suburbs but didn't want to livein a shelter either. So I did what was best. Ugh.....maybe I need to refouces on something to not be so sad.

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