Have you ever sat down and truly asked

yourself these IMPERATIVE questions???

Who is my Mentor?

Do they support me?

Do they guide and direct me?

Are they successful in this industry?

Have they truly given me the knowledge I need to duplicate their success?

Are they more focused on their own success or on my success?

What is their background?

Who backs them up, who is their support system?

Do they have TRUE purpose and vision?

Most of all where is their heart? 

These are ALL questions you MUST be asking yourself

as you start or are in the process of your journey in

network marketing. Your Mentor, is the KEY to taking

you through that door of true, ultimate freedom.

You see I spent years losing out on the most

amazing, beautiful, incredible part of the network

marketing industry. Mostly because I had NO CLUE

that I chose my Mentor, they did not choose me.

I was missing the value, the heart, the true mentorship

of someone who CARES and was dedicated to helping

me create MASSIVE results in this industry.

Well, once I made that decision to CHOOSE my 

Mentors, my Business Partners and my Organization...

Doors opened that you would never believe...

Success and freedom literally started knocking at

my door and all I had to do was answer it and TAKE


My point is , YOU have this opportunity

right now. You have the choice to become apart of

something beautiful, incredible and most of all is 

changing lives. Most importantly, something that

will give you the mindset, skill set and will position

you as the next Leader in this industry if you

choose to put in the effort and energy needed...

Are you going to take responsibility like I did to

choose your Mentor? And create that change not

so much for just you but for your WHY?

Because I am limited on how many people I can

personally partner with each month, due to

the one on one mentorship, the thousands of dollars

worth of training and resources offered... You have

a small amount of time to TAKE ADVANTAGE and

be the next partner to one of the fastest growing

teams in the network marketing industry.

I am opening the doors until TOMORROW night

at 11pm MST to ONLY three people to

partner with me directly, where I will teach exactly

my SECRETS to MASSIVE success online, offline

in both network and online marketing. These two

people will have OPEN ACCESS to my mentorship,

and just for taking FAST ACTION will have the

opportunity to work with my incredible business

partners who have proven time and time again

that true success is possible within this industry. 

So what is your choice? Are you READY to choose

your Mentor? This message will be going out to

thousands of people between my lists and networks.

It is UP TO YOU to take fast action and make that

change. Are you READY?

To secure your position (as they will fill up fast)

call me directly at 480-588-7778, Skype me at jennkmay, 

email me at contact@jennkmay.com

or go straight to http://thevisalusmom.com/join-visalus/

to get started right now.

Again, this is your choice my friend. Your success

lies in your hands... you have the power to make that


Jenn May


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