Wow I was just reading my old post from a couple of  years a go and at first it made me feel sad and even though it hasnt been that long i feel like if all those things didnt hurt me they only made me stronger and i can truly say that i am A MUCH STONGER person that i was before I am a born again christian so all my credit goes to my Lord and Savior JesusChrist because this all wouldnt be possible without him ! All of my classmates and so called friends from back then who were making fun of me for getting pregnant so young just ended up doing the same thing that i did but their situations are alot worse than mine is and  the truth is what goes around comes around im happy that everything worked togather for the Good !! and that im not only a surivor but a Conqueror !! Im going to use my expiriences to help other young girls in my situation!

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