So DH and I have been haphazardly TTC for the last year or so. During that time we've kept a "what happens, happens" mentality. Well, for the last couple months we've been actively trying. This last week I've been wondering if I was pregnant, but it still felt like I was going to have a cycle. So I decided to wait until I was a week overdue. Now, another thing, is that last month I was a week overdue and I was negative for a pregnancy test and ended up getting my period a few days later. This brings me to yesterday, when I finally decided to test myself... It was positive! 

Now I'm more in the "holy crap!" phase. Thinking and reading about pregnancy is so not the same as actually being pregnant! Now I'm going to be responsible for this whole other life form and whatever I do will affect it?! (First timers, if you can't tell... :)

I feel so conflicted now... I'm happy that we're having a baby but the whole transition from couple of adults to parents seems so daunting!

If anyone has advise about how to go about this in small steps that would be nice!


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Nov. 29, 2010 at 9:02 PM


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