Let my website take the ease from you hasseling with the crowds and wondering just what to get for that special person.

We have SO MUCH to choose from...deals from our outlet can help on the checkbook also. Wanna send it straight TO that person? That's possible too!!!You can shop in your pj's and put a smile on someone else's face all at the same time!! Let me know personally if you need any help.

The website is user friendly and you shouldn't have any troubles but just in case...I'm a click away!!  www.donnaaquilino.willowhouse.com                            My pleasure in this business is helping YOU!!                                                       The quality of the products certainly speak for themselves. I have collected already so many extra's here lately and I must say...it makes SUCH a nice statement whether it be on your tables for dinner or simply enjoying a cup of hot chocolate sitting by the fire!!


SAVE UP TO 75% - log on to: www.donnaaquilino.willowhouse.com 

Please feel free to share this with family and friends!

Donna Aquilino

Willow House Consultant

Email:   d.aquilino@hotmail.com

 Website:   donnaaquilino.willowhouse.com

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