Well... things have been less than relaxing recently, and to be perfectly honest, I'm ready for a break in the action! I am a full time student, in addition to a stay at home mom and running the office at the girls cheer gym and babysitting... well, this term in school hasn't gone very well. It started with me getting an eye infection, which the doctor dialated my pupil and it stayed that way for nearly 2 weeks, well, I couldn't exactly read or concentrate with one dialated pupil. Before that was fully healed, my father found himself in the Coronary ICU with 3 liters of fluid around his heart and lungs. Then, upon his release, they let us know that they found 2 spots of cancer, one on his lung, then the other on his kidney during a scan.

While dealing with all of this, I have fallen very behind in school and am feeling very "over my head". I'm not sure how to go about getting caught up. I dont know how to find the time to squeeze in the work... I dont know how to shut off my mind to even get started!!! I wish someone else could take some of the burden off my shoulders, but I just dont see it happening.

It is hard enough fitting in my school work. My 3 yr old has a hard time with me taking time away from her to do my school work. She has OCD and doesn't fully understand the concept of my school work... UGH!!! I need a drink! lol

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Nov. 30, 2010 at 12:02 AM

I feel like I have totally neglected my son these past couple of days while I catch up on everything I did not get to over the holiday. I have 2 weeks to go and then I'm on break for 5 weeks, so I plan to spoil him rotten then! I totally feel your pain, and I hope things go better. I know how frustrating it gets. :-)hugs

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