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Hi CafeMommies!

**Please read all the way to the bottom to see a special bonus

for you!**

I've been on my work at home journey for a few years now.  It

wasn't until recently that I FINALLY figured out what I needed to

do to position myself for success.  That was actually a new

thought for me:

"I can POSITION myself for success?" in the first place?  When I

realized that I have the power to CHOOSE what business I wanted

to be in, choose what team to join and most importantly choose my

mentor...that is finally when I found success.

You see, when you join an opportunity because your friend tells

you about it, or because the money looks good you find out very

quickly that it's not what you thought it would be.  You find out

that you really have to work hard to make that money (and that's

ok, that's how it should be!) and you might even find out that

you aren't really passionate about the company and products you

are with.

Thus starts the learning process.  And the wasted money and time

too.  However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  

I'm telling you right now that you have a choice!

You have the choice to choose your company, to choose your team

and to choose which mentor to join.  Ultimately taking the time

to CHOOSE these 3 things will POSITION yourself for success in

the first place!  When you decide to take the time to choose what

is right for you, you will be SO happy you did.

I know I was :).  It really was what made the difference in my

business and my income that I'm now making.  By joining a team

that I could learn from, that has a long-standing reputation of

teaching those that join in today's ways of marketing I now earn

income from MULTIPLE sources, not just my business opportunity!

So here is my question to you:

You have contacted me to get more information on working with me.

I have given you the information you requested...Are you going to 

TAKE ACTION?  Are you going to take action TODAY to position 

yourself for success?

You never know if this is your perfect opportunity unless you

contact me to get more information or get your questions asked.  

I am only taking on 2 more business associates from now until

tomorrow night (spots do fill up fast!) to ensure that I can

effectively teach those that join me the ways of our business,

personal branding, affiliate marketing, social media domination,

and much more.  Not all of these are required for success with

our company, but they sure to help with additional income streams

and providing highly qualified leads for your business on

autopilot :).

Please contact me at 407-928-5398 or contact me on skype, my user

name is  Or if you are ready to get started right

away visit

**HERE IS YOUR BONUS:  For those that take FAST ACTION and join

between now and tomorrow night, November 30, 2010 by 11pm EST

tomorrow you will immediately upon enrollment get $50 cash back 

via paypal to help with your start up costs.  Also if you achieve 

your first promotion within one month to the day of your enrollment 

I will give you another $50 paypal bonus.  That is a total of $100 

back in your pocket in your first 30 days!  Plus the $$ you make for

achieving your first promotion.

I do not do this for everyone or all the time, so if you are serious about

working with me, and FINALLY finding success in working at home

then this is your chance.

This is your chance to change your future, and to finally

position yourself for success by partnering with me and our team.

See you at the top :)

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