I have been married for 17 yrs. but the last year or so, I just am not happy anymore.  I have thought about leaving several times.  I think the only reason I stay is because of the kids, I grew up without a father and I told myself that if I ever got married I would make sure that my kids always had their father around. 

He is a good father, Iam just not in love with him anymore, its like lately I just go through the motions and pretend like everything is o.k,   he doesn't know that I have had these thoughts.   Iam in school write now and have thought about once I get back to work and saved up some money secretly, and once the kids move out in like 4 years .  

 As far as his and my relationship I don't know, we never talk, when acts like a child , pouts if things do not go his way.   I can't stand to have him touch me, or anything.    I just do not know what to do.    The one thing I do know is that I don't love him like I use to, it seems that I tolerate him, and I think of him more as a roomate sometimes, Iam actually happier when Iam away from him. 

He is not abusive physically, I think it is more mentally, Iam always afraid I might say or do the wrong thing.  Are any of these really reasons to be thinking about leaving, are they stupid reasons for staying, I just don't know.   

Any advice would be appreciated, or if anyone has been in this situation .

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Nov. 29, 2010 at 11:51 PM

Hi this is peg860 I don't think that those are stupid reason but before you make any decisions way out your options try to sit down and tell him how you feel, I was feeling the same way because I was'nt getting the attention I needed while i was pregnant, we even separated while i was pregnant , but my daughter Sania was born June 28, 2009 and when we lost her July 5th we were devasted, She was here for a very short while but she showed me and my husband, how strong our love was for each other and brought us back to each other the same way we were 15years ago, so please try before you give up.

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