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 Daily Survival Kit 

Fill a baggie with a Toothpick, Rubber band, Band aid, Pencil, Eraser, Chewing gum, Mint, Candy kiss, Tea bag

Then attach this motivational poem to the bag.

1. Toothpick - to remind you to pick out the good qualities in others

2. Rubber band - to remind you to be flexible: things might not always work out the way you want, but it will work out.

3. Band aid - to remind you to heal hurt feelings,
yours and someone else's

4. Pencil - to remind you to list your blessings everyday

5. Eraser - to remind you that everyone makes mistakes,
and it's OK

6. Chewing gum - to remind you to stick with it and
you can accomplish anything

7. Mint - to remind you that you are worth a mint!

8. Candy kiss - to remind you that everyone needs a
kiss or a hug every day

9. Tea bag - to remind you to relax daily and
go over your list of

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Dec. 1, 2010 at 10:42 AM

i love it but why all the tags that don't make sense?

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Dec. 1, 2010 at 10:45 AM

teabags  means relaxing

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