The Corporate Capital Team and  Compass National Inc and Quid . These are all scammers in the Henderson Nevada area!  Please do not get a a grant from these guys! I just checked them out and they are scammers and they have not been caught by the local police in Henderson Nevada! )( Also here is more information on them!)(

Corporate Capital Team, Inc. Complaints - Fraud-creative business funding - grants of ALL types

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Corporate Capital Team, Inc.

Posted: 2009-06-08 by   Diane  
Fraud-creative business funding - grants of ALL types
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Company information:
Corporate Capital Team, Inc.
Henderson, Nevada
United States
Phone: 1-888-216-9445

The company is a FRAUD, promising to obtain non-refundable business/personal grants. They say they also provide business loans, corporate structuring, business plans and power point presentations, and NON-REPAYABLE BUSINESS GRANTS. Their total fee is $6, 000., of which $2, 400. is required up front to start the process. They promise to provide the services of foundation research, letter writing, grant application preparation & packaging, grant writing, and consulting to direct the client towards the best avenue to reach their specific grant funding goals. They state that they will "provide the client with a copy of each letter of interest that is sent out. This is FALSE - don't fall for it!!! They promise that the funding is already there and all you have to do is hire them to send out the letters to get the money that is sitting, just waiting for you to collect. I KNOW THE GRANT PORTION OF THEIR COMPANY IS FALSE! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY AND NOT DO THE WORK THAT THEY PROMISE! I HAVEN'T CHECKED INTO OTHER PORTIONS OF THEIR BUSINESS TO KNOW IF THESE ARE FRAUDULENT AS WELL - BE AWARE OF THIS SCAM COMPANY!
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