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Have you taken a good look at MPB Today?

If not, this is a REAL way to earn $300 checks and $200 gift cards to the largest retailer in the world. These checks and gift cards are mailed out each WEEK!!!

Would you like a business with no monthly fees ($210 startup and then ONLY $10/year!), quotas, no hoops to jump through to qualify?

AND  a team that is working to help you cycle? You only need 6 people on your team to cycle and only TWO of those need to be personally recruited by you and WE help you do that!

Watch the video HERE.  Listen to our pre-recorded call with even more info:

Pre-recorded Presentation 1-712-432-8774  Pin 127834#  Press 0# for latest recording

DO NOT sign up at this link. We have a mommy rotation and  GDIMOM

will give you the sign up link the day you are ready to start.

PM  GDIMOM if you are ready

We are excited to rotate the referrals we get on cafemom and teach methods to building the additional 4 team members to cycle.

If you are ready to join PM  GDIMOM so that she can send you the link to the next mom waiting for a sign up.

NOTE: We do not guarantee how fast we will give you 2 signups. But we ARE delivering on our promise and no one will be skipped. You MUST work this business and we will show you ways to do that without pressuring anyone you know.

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Nov. 30, 2010 at 8:37 AM


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Dec. 1, 2010 at 12:12 AM

love you signThis is such an awesome group.  They work hard to help you get your two signups. I now have my two.  Thank-you ladies, I appreciate all the hard work you do to help the group.

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