Man I think I am of average intellegence (lol) and sensible. I like to read, go to museums, science, investage things. I don;t have many friends to talk to about these things. I try to take plaesure in talking to regular folks about these thigns and most I run across are not into them. I live in Detroit and most of the urban people are not into those types of things. They may and try and say they are but on a day to day thing no. I want to make a connection with somebody. One person I thought was on the same level was not.. Most people talk about romantic relationships and I am not into that.

I went to counslor today and man she kept digging up things I have buried so now they are on my mind. Like  I don't want to remember that I had no one with me when I had my baby. I felt so alone and wondered why no one was happy for me. I mean I know teenagers who get knocked up get more love than I did and I was 25. that is what I don't get. Why did I get no love from no one?

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Nov. 30, 2010 at 6:17 AM

Hey i was 23 and I got no love from my family and when he was 4months old and my brother died, then all of a sudden there nothing but love for my DS. talk about screwed mom replaced her son with my son...

Counselors are sneaky like that! will feel better in time since you are able to open up to them about it.

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